Holy Name Society

December 2018 - Last year the San Sebastian chapter of the Holy Name Society decided to focus on the corporal works of mercy.  In particular, we have an arrangement with Mitch Moody, who is an advocate for the 800 homeless children in the St. Johns County school district, to help where and when it is needed. For example, I recently received a request for a small, artificial Christmas tree for a family living in a hotel room with their grandmother.  If you'd like to participate in this activity, you don't have to come to any meetings, just send me an email ([email protected]) and say "Count Me In".  I will broadcast requests like the one above, and if you have a solution I will pick it up and bring it to Mitch.  This is a very efficient process to get exactly what is needed to exactly who needs it. Charlie Judice, Holy Name Society

January 2018 - The San Sebastian Chapter of the Holy Name Society found a way to mix Works of Mercy with something fun.  Over the holidays we set up a model train display at our neighbor, Symphony Memory Care Facility. In the words of one of the resident’s family members: “Your effort and beautiful train display was more appreciated than you will ever know.  My grandson came to see it no less than six times …”   Our next project is to encourage the TV networks to avoiding programing that disrespects the name of Jesus.

The Holy Name Society (http://www.nahns.com) inspires people to personally encounter Jesus through awareness, reverence, and devotion to the Most Holy Name of God and Jesus. Disciples of the Holy Name pray, learn, unite, and serve in Jesus’ Name.  The power of the Name of Jesus is proclaimed and witnessed through the sincere love and reverence of the Holy Name in members’ speech and actions.  Individuals, families, communities —- are forever transformed. The only requirement that the national organization decrees is that you be a Catholic 18 years or older.  Here at San Sebastian we will celebrate diversity and encourage members from all ages, sexes, and ethnic backgrounds.  Our Holy Name Society Chapter should strive to reflect the broad demographics of the parish.  Typically a chapter meets once a month, invites a guest speaker to lead a discussion on some moral, ethical, or spiritual topic. We might also attend, as a group, one Sunday Mass each month.   Also, we should passionately embrace one specific Act of Mercy or mission that is needed and distinguishes us from the many, worthy ministries in the parish.

Agenda for Meeting on January 22, 2017

OPENING PRAYER: Grant me, O merciful God, to desire eagerly, to
investigate prudently, to acknowledge sincerely, and to fulfill perfectly,
those things that are pleasing to Thee and to the praise and glory of
Thy Holy Name. Amen

Holy Name Pledge
• Blessed be God
• Blessed be His Holy Name
• Blessed be Jesus Christ true God and true man.
• Blessed be the Name of Jesus
• I believe of Jesus that thou art the Christ - the Son of the Living God
• I proclaim my love for the Vicar of Christ on Earth
• I believe all the sacred truths which the Holy Catholic Church believes and
• I promise to give good example by the regular practice of my faith
• I pledge myself against perjury, blasphemy, profanity, and obscene speech
• I pledge my loyalty to the flag of my county and to th God given principles off
freedom, justice, and happiness for which it stands
• I pledge my support to all lawful authority both civil and religious
• I dedicate myself to the honor of the Sacred Name of Jesus Christ and beg that
He will keep me faithful to these pledges until death.